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  • 5 Things You Can Do to Make This Valentine’s Day Special February 8, 2019
    While the holiday season may be over, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! The holiday can seem overwhelming with all the advertisements of products that you are expected to buy. Delivering a wonderful Valentine’s Day to your partner is not about products, but experiences. Here are five things you can do to enjoy a […]
  • 5 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Chauffeured Services February 7, 2019
    People have an idea regarding chauffeured services in their mind that is very far from the truth. They believe that chauffeured transportation is expensive, snobbish and only available for the elite. It is the complete opposite. Luxury car services are affordable, accessible and the friendliest way to travel. Here are five things you may not […]
  • 6 Ways Non-Emergency Medical Transport Can Make Your Life Better February 6, 2019
    Visiting a doctor for a medical appointment or heading to physical rehabilitation can be frustrating. When you are sick or injured, driving is a challenge. And your family cannot always be there to take you, especially on a weekday. Non-emergency medical transportation is an ideal way to get to appointments that are not an emergency. […]
  • Top Tips for Getting Around in a New City February 5, 2019
    Moving to a new city is always daunting, regardless of the reasons for the change in circumstances. Whether you are moving for a new job, college or family reasons, you will feel a little unsettled in the first few weeks. It is a complete change in your environment, which can disrupt anyone’s balance. Here are […]
  • 7 Things You Can Do to Cut the Cost of Business Trips February 4, 2019
    Traveling is a key aspect of doing business in California. Between connecting with companies on the east coast or other countries, your employees may be racking up many air miles. Here are seven ways that you could cut the cost of business trips, without too many sacrifices. 1. Book Early When traveling for any purpose, […]
  • Why Booking a Limo for Your Wedding is So Important January 28, 2019
    Wedding weekend is fast approaching and you are still in the middle of planning various activities. From the food to the flowers to the bachelorette party, there is so much to arrange. And it can be easy to neglect transportation until the last minute. But it is so vital that you book a limousine for […]
  • Costa Mesa Limousine Services January 25, 2019
    The beauty of living in Costa Mesa is that you are in an area where the weather is perfect throughout the year! A few summer days may get too warm, but you will be relaxing outdoors while others in the country are shivering under blankets. And that means you can take on day trips, hiking […]
  • How to Choose the Best Limousine Service in 2019 January 24, 2019
    Limo services are not only for the rich and famous. Such misconceptions keep people from experiencing the very best mode of transportation that is available in the area. If you are planning a trip to the airport, a downtown nightclub and bar adventure with friends, or a day trip to an amusement park with the […]
  • Top 5 Things You Should Expect from Your Limo Driver January 23, 2019
    When you rent a limousine for the day, you are not only booking a car. You are booking a lifestyle. Limousines are synonymous with luxury and style, while the passengers should be treated to a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Part of that experience is the chauffeur who will be driving you around for the next […]
  • Discover Hollywood Blvd in an Extravagant Limousine January 22, 2019
    One of the most iconic tourist attractions in the world, you cannot visit the Los Angeles area without seeing Hollywood Boulevard. There are so many famous landmarks, you are bound to spot a few celebrities as they go about their days, and you can take pictures that will last you a lifetime! But visiting the […]